End the search for unconditional love in the outer world – connect with yourself.


How would you like to wake up everyday full of energy, excited by what the day brings?
You look in the mirror and only see the good – you see a beautiful content person.
Your relationships with others has a deep connection – honest, truthful, loving, and respectful.
You have confidence in yourself and know that your dreams will come true.
You know that whatever hurdles present in life you can overcome them.
You have quality time for yourself, to ensure you stay connected to your inner voice.
You nurture and care for your body.
You are grateful for all of life’s experiences – the lessons grow your soul.
Your life is amazing and keeps getting better.

Do you or a special lady in your life experience anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, low self-esteem; feel misunderstood and lost; feel overwhelmed or overworked; have trouble standing up for yourself or herself; have friendship issues; staying in an unhealthy relationship or have a poor body image? These are some of the symptoms resulting from a lack of unconditional love for one’s self and holding on to the limiting belief that to truly love one’s self is wrong or conceited.

At Petite Soul Sanctuary services are provided to inspire girls and women to nurture, love and honour the extraordinary within themselves and others. Petite Soul Sanctuary is based in the suburbs just north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and all individual services can be provided by phone or Skype.

Hi my name is Karen Ormston and I am a professional life coach, workshop facilitator, intuitive guide and ThetaHealing practitioner. I believe that when you begin in the art of loving yourself and grow, you create a world around you that reflects the same level and intensity of that love that you have for yourself.

I have developed a holistic mind, body, spirit framework for girls and women to: remain connected to their true self, grow in self-love, be educated at various life stages so informed life choices can be made, equip them with the tools necessary to overcome the challenges life presents, allow them to discover their unique gifts, share them with the world and follow their dreams.

Take your time to explore the site and if you believe I can assist you or have further questions make contact today, I would be happy to hear from you.


aged 5 -17 years


aged 18- 25 years




aged 26+ years