One on one coaching and healing is available to all ladies aged 18+ years.  Various techniques will be used in session and may include Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and ThetaHealing.  Sessions available face to face via phone, skype or zoom.
Sessions run for 60 minutes per session.

Packages are available for 3 sessions and 8 sessions with other inclusions.  For more information contact Karen at the details on the Contact Tab and  to speak with Karen – book a free 30 minute Discovery Session . Click here to book a Discovery Session.


Programs are run in a group setting in the following age groups: 18+ years. Programs vary but involve art/craft activities, mindfulness practice, yoga/qi gong practice, personal self-care activities. Before each program (with the exception of Universal Law) a 45 minute individual coaching session with each lady is to be arranged to understand the issues currently experienced and to shift the mindset.  Each program runs for 2 days 9am- 3pm.

Programs can be run at the facility of your choice for a maximum of 10 women. Contact me if you wish to discuss this further.

Seeds of Self-Love

  • Become of aware of negative and positive self-talk
  • Tools to conquer fears
  • Building resilience to jump life’s hurdles though a growth mindset
  • Understanding their own unique identity in a positive way
  • Valuing themselves regardless of the opinions of others

Sprouts of Self-Love

  • How to be their own best friend through compassion and forgiveness
  • How to care for their body, mind and spirit
  • Understanding personal values
  • Making choices that respect and honour themselves

Self-Love Saplings

  • Living with intention and creating their own path
  • Develop an inner compass that allows independent thinking
  • Stretching outside their comfort zone
  • Developing healthy relationships

Self-Love Blossoms

  • Appreciation of their awesome body
  • Grooming and deportment
  • Learning how to create their own happiness and joy
  • Appreciate the beauty in others
  • Life skills that are age appropriate

Universal Law

  • Introduction to the laws that govern the operations of the universe. “ Follow these laws, and live in peace, love, harmony, balance, health and abundance.”

Me before We ( Recommended before entering intimate relationships)

  • Overview of concepts in Self-Love programs
  • Knowing your boundaries
  • Feeling comfortable with your sexual body
  • Ingredients for healthy intimate relationships

Cocoon (Nurturing of the soul after a negative life experience eg. Relationship breakdown, loss of loved ones, illness etc.)

  • Caring of self
  • Accepting support from others
  • Learning to direct forgiveness and compassion to self and others
  • Explore lessons learnt from the experience