My story began with the meeting of my parents. My dad who is Australian met my mum in Papua New Guinea whilst working for the bank. A year later they were married and a year after that they had my brother. 5 years after that I entered the world. My mum is of Chinese decent and my dad of European decent.

Our immediate family moved permanently to the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia when I was nearly 3 years old. Mum’s parents and many of mum’s siblings also settled near by. Childhood was wonderful sharing large family gatherings and growing up with my 7 cousins.

As a little girl I was very cheeky and outgoing but as I grew older I became shy, I just wanted to fit it. I became an overachiever, a perfectionist and a people pleaser.

Secretly, on entering high school, I wanted to study fashion design but I allowed poor feedback from an art teacher to squash that dream. Guidance officers suggested I study something in the science maths stream given my academic profile. I studied engineering and worked in the industry for 20 years receiving scholarships, awards and reaching the top levels in my profession but I wasn’t truly happy.

In May 2011, my picture perfect life was in place. I was married, had a beautiful 4 year old daughter and had just given birth to my second beautiful daughter. We had ticked the boxes, my then partner and I had worked hard to achieve the dream of having a beautiful family and owning a our dream home but something was missing. Just 2 months later my world was shattered, my trust had been betrayed. Things spiralled and in November 2011 we separated.

Repetition of a past relationship breakdown ending in betrayal by a partner, I knew that the common denominator was me. As I looked at my daughters and the understanding that there was a high probability that this pattern would be passed down generationally, I knew I had to break this pattern and so my awakening began. With the love and support of my extended family I began the journey of self-discovery, healing and most importantly self-love.

As I asked God (you may use the term the Creator, the Divine or the universe) for help, my teachers and mentors came into my life. I began to understand that the patterns in my life were occurring because of limiting beliefs that had formed.
My negative beliefs held from childhood kept attracting situations that further reinforced that negative belief and created more. My soul was attracting these situations so I may learn the lessons that would release me from the initial beliefs formed and those that followed. I had attracted unhealthy relationships that reflected that belief and many others.

So the more I uncovered the layers of beliefs I had formed about myself, released the pain, forgave those whose actions led me to form these beliefs, forgave myself for holding on to these and reprogrammed more positive beliefs the more my soul grew. Soon the whispers of my soul’s wants, needs and dreams became louder than those of the external world. I was adamant I that I would do whatever it took to recreate myself and connect with my soul completely. As I grew so too did my intuitive ability or sixth sense. I was growing in self-love. It felt good, I felt happier in myself, empowered, more understanding of my life circumstances and life purpose and interestingly my world became more loving as I distanced myself from unhealthy relationships and situations. From betrayal came the gift of self-love.

I was adamant that my girls would not go through the pain and hurt of holding onto these beliefs I held. I kept posing the question to my mentors as to why the awakening only seemed to occur in adulthood and why there was very little focus on working with children to reprogram negative beliefs passed down generationally, created by life experiences or the beliefs of others and replaced with positive beliefs. To me it seemed logical that much pain and suffering could be avoided allowing future generations of children an opportunity to grow as much more evolved children and adults, staying connected to their souls, sharing their unique gifts to the world openly without fear.

My inquisitive mind also posed the question as to what else could we do for our children to maintain the state in which they entered the world, a state of loving themselves when their light shone super-bright and when the negativity of the world had not yet taken effect. Whilst I understood as a parent I could break the cycle of negative generational beliefs from my family by working on myself, what if we could teach our children lifelong practices, a positive mindset, tools and knowledge to thrive independently given whatever obstacles they face so they would choose to see the gift in every challenging situation and not adopt a victim mentality.

I relentlessly kept searching for answers, learning new techniques and developing and creating tools to assist myself and my girls to remain in a state of self-love unburdened by the fears and limitations projected by others.

And so Petite Soul Sanctuary was born out of love for myself, my daughters, all past, current and future generations of my family and all girls and women worldwide.