Imagine a world where every petite soul (little girl) that is born is encouraged and supported to continually grow in love self-love. This world is free from the symptoms of a lack of self-love being anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm, suicide, addictions, violence, and abuse in homes or in society. Where girls and women believe that the relationship you have with yourself is the most important of your life.


Inspiring young girls and women to nurture, love and honour the extraordinary within themselves and others.


Petite Soul Sanctuary invites you to connect and/or stay connected with the petite soul (little girl) within who needs
your daily attention; your awareness of her need for undivided time to listen and understand;
you to join her in laughter and play and encourage the creativity of her imagination; to believe in magic;
your validation and adoration of her magnificence, beauty and extraordinary gifts;
your unshakeable belief in her abilities and dreams;
your complete honesty, trust and respect.

Space and freedom to make choices and express herself without apology or approval of others;
your forgiveness and compassion when she makes choices that take her off her true path with an understanding that she is only learning;
your unwavering commitment to nourish, feed and care for her in a sanctuary where she is always protected, safe and free to explore, grow, and unashamedly share her uniqueness with the world and to sparkle in your unconditional love.

No matter how much we give love, if we don’t give it to ourselves, the search for love outside of ourselves leads to destruction. For when you begin in the art of loving yourself and grow, you create a world around you that reflects the same level and intensity of love that you have for yourself.


Beliefs are formed in many ways by life experiences, handed down genetically, from society or maybe past lives depending on your belief system. These beliefs are held in the subconscious mind from which we operate around 95 % of the time in an automated way. As a child grows, they learn from parents, teachers, religious leaders, other adults, peers  and society to have doubts, fear and all the negativity that is introduced from well-meaning people around them.  These negative beliefs may continue to plague the lives of children and adults.

One of the core limiting beliefs held amongst  young girls and women is that to truly love one’s self is wrong or conceited.  The flow on effect of this one belief is devastating.  Young girls are increasingly being diagnosed as anxious and depressed, developing eating disorders and addictions, labelled with behavioural problems, suffering bullying and isolation, developing low self-esteem and a poor body image and experiencing a chronic lack of self-esteem and confidence.  If left unaddressed these childhood issues lead to more severe issues such as abusive intimate relationships, drug and alcohol addiction, self-harm, suicide, mental health issues and physical health issues later in life.


Petite Soul Sanctuary provides young girls and women with a framework  that allows them to nurture, love and honour the extraordinary within themselves and others.  The framework aims to:

  • Protect young girls by imbedding positive beliefs and a positive mindset to immunise them against the barrage of negativity from outside influences.
  • Inspire and encourage girls and women to actively change the limiting thought patterns to more positive beliefs.
  • To provide tools and practices to promote a life long journey of self love for young girls and women.
  • To promote a growth mindset and life skills that enable them to handle life’s challenges and thrive.
  • Actively educate girls and women at various life stages so challenges can be met from a good sound knowledge and understanding of the issue at hand and how to stay true to themselves and make sound choices.
  • Challenge cultural beliefs and standards set by society and provide a different story or positive way of living that girls and women may choose to adopt
  • Gather strong positive role models to inspire girls and women
  • Create and promote self-love rituals that for all generations of women
  • Promote self-love in the community at large with celebratory events that support the notion that the art of growing yourself is essential.