My values are the basis of the decisions I make, the way I live my life. I value honesty, trust, commitment, acceptance and compassion in all my relationships including the one I have with myself. I value quality, creativity and thoughtfulness. I value others: I value the differences in each of us that make us unique, the different journeys we are travelling and the lessons shared. I value open, honest expression free from the judgement of others. I love the experience of trying new things.

My lessons from life are many – some learnt from the wise and others by trial and error. I have found that the those lessons that brought about the most pain also brought about the most growth and for that I’m grateful.

My philosophy for life is simple. The outer world reflects the relationship I have with myself, so I choose to love myself and live in a loving world.

My beliefs, I believe that life is a school that we attend to learn lessons that grow the soul, our individual lessons are different as we are all unique. Challenges and situations in our life present in order that we learn our lessons. I believe we are all equal as souls. I believe anything is possible.

I am most happiest when spending time with by myself, my family, our dog and my friends.
I love it when I cuddle with my eldest daughter and we argue about who loves each other more and when my youngest daughter attacks me with smoocheroos all over.
I love the expression on my dog’s face when I ask ‘Wanna go for a walk’.
I love spending time over a cup of tea one on one with family and friends and share in each others lives.
I love the sound of the french language – the language of love
I treasure time with myself and enjoy relaxing in long hot baths, journalling about my day, the occasional massage and quarterly retreats away from the busyness and chatter of everyday life.
I always feel happy in nature at the beach, in water, or in the forest or gardens.
I love to make celebrations special for those being honoured with a hope to leave them feeling loved, special and affirmed.
I love watching family, friends and clients conquer unhealthy beliefs and behaviours and grow.

My gifts, I have the ability to see potential in others and support them to believe in themselves.
I am sensitive, empathetic and intuitive – this allows me to support others and make them feel more comfortable. This also allows me to see the future of the client free from limitations.
I am creative, and like creating beauty at home, special celebrations and in things I make.
I am proactive and like to take steps so little things don’t turn into big obstacles.

My purpose is to inspire others to love themselves unconditionally and have the world completely reflect this love.