Karen is absolutely amazing with young girls . I can’t express the benefit of the knowledge & skills taught, friendships and support network it has provided to my daughter . The course is not only informative but Karen has made it fun as well incorporating creativity & adventure into her workshops . I am truly grateful for her support and look forward to more upcoming workshops.

Santina Thomas Oct 2017

My daughter has taken part in this course during the school holidays and it has helped her to grown her confidence with friendship issues in a very positive way. She loved the way it was presented and loved meeting other girls in the same situation as her. It was a very positive way to teach her resilience and confidence in developing healthier friendships. I would fully recommend this course to anyone with a child that struggles with friendship issues. Karen is an awesome teacher who really gets the message across to the girls in a very nurturing and positive way. I can’t thank her enough for her help.

Cheryl Fowler Oct 2017

From the moment I spoke with Karen on the phone I felt the positive, caring energy….I knew that Karen and the skills she could teach my daughter would be a benefit. My daughter was the oldest in the group and going to see Karen was the highlight of her week. I saw my daughter adopting the skills Karen was teaching in her everyday life, she most certainly was handling difficult social situations in a much more insightful, positive way.  I believe with all my heart that ALL girls should be taught these relationship skills ….thank you Karen for your love, light and kindness.

Sharon Bourke Nov 2017

My daughter attended after some recent struggles at school, and came away thanking me so much for sending her along to the course. She asked me if she could attend every year! She felt positive not only about herself but happy and confident to make some new friendships. She loved the creativity side of the course and mixing with other kids who had experienced similar experiences. At the end of the course Karen spoke to all the parents about positive thought processes and strategies that she had been teaching our children, and these are things that we can all take on in our every day lives! Highly recommended. Worth every dollar to see your child smiling and confident again!

Renee Edwards Dec 2017

Before my daughter did the Healthy Friendships workshop she was down about things happening at school.  After the first day at the workshop she came home so positive and could discuss how what she was taught by Karen could help her at school.  Karen also created a safe and caring environment for my daughter and provided her with great skills to overcome her problems and fears.

Christine Kwong Dec 2017

My daughter Mia loved her course with Karen. Karen is very warm and nurturing.  I have noticed a positive change in Mia’s attitude and in her approach to trying new things.  She has learnt to be assertive in her friendships and encourages her sister to do the same.  Karen has had a positive impact on our family.  We look forward to working with her in the future.

Erin Morris Jan 2018



I have lived with depression for many years, treating the symptoms with sessions with psychologists, taking anti-depressants. This path helps to control the symptoms to a degree but never really resolved the problem. Even after just my initial session with Karen at Petite Soul Sanctuary, I felt much more positive and at ease within myself, both physically and emotionally.

The sessions I have had with Karen have identified and removed harmful negative beliefs I have held and replaced them with positive self-empowering beliefs. These beliefs that are removed have been with me from past experiences and falsely taken on-board as who I am, by replacing these beliefs I am able to be who I should be, without the limitations I had been living with.

The whole experience has been positive and nurturing, even just the identification of past beliefs and how they affected me was enlightening able to help me to move forward, then to remove them and replace them with empowering positive beliefs was more successful then I could have imagined.

I have had 5 sessions and I am feeling more positive, happier and motivated then I have for a long time. I highly recommend working with Karen from Petite Soul Sanctuary, to be able to live your life to your potential and love and appreciate who you really are.

Darren Searle, June 2017

Dearest Karen, where to begin. There is so much to thank you for. You have helped me in so many ways. I have come to you for many different reasons and you have always succeeded in helping me feel better. Sometimes I haven’t even known what the problem was and you have intuitively known and guided me through with patience, compassion and wisdom, to find the answers inside myself. WOW some of our sessions have been nothing short of mind-blowing. I always leave you feeling on top of the world. Much gratitude and love to you Karen for all that you do.
Julie Kennedy, Sept 2017

I highly recommend Karen’s services. She has a unique talent that allows her to bring fast and immediate change into your life. I had 3 sessions with her on the phone and she created more change in that short time than I would have thought possible. Her gentle manner is very reassuring to work with and is possibly the secret of her success as it enabled me to move through any unconscious resistance I was holding. Karen’s integrity and professionalism shine through her work – she is undoubtedly a being of magnitude.

J.V. May 2017

I felt immediately so comfortable with Karen. Which put me at ease to be completely open and share matters that I wanted to address. Each session was AMAZING. They were enlightening, empowering and felt that I grew personally from them. I am a better version of me!

Loved the way Karen would send follow up emails and share practical resources to accompany my sessions. She has such a magic/ gift in what she does – I am a better person for having these sessions with Karen. I look forward to more….

Ange MacDonald Dec 2016

Petite Soul Sanctuary is amazing. My daughter has been seeing Karen to learn how to manage her anxiety and to prepare for life in general. It’s so important for kids to learn how to filter information coming at them both externally and internally from a young age and Karen at Petite Soul Sanctuary has a fantastic way of approaching these subjects and showing children ways to work with both negative and positive thoughts. My daughter now has a much better understanding of her thoughts and her choices over them thanks to Karen.

Erin Bridges Nov 2016

Karen is fabulous!  She came into my life at a difficult and confusing time for me and since I have been coached by Karen my life has come along in leaps and bounds.  She has helped me get organised – which I badly needed.   Her insights, wisdom and clear thinking have been a tremendous help for me in getting clear about my goals and she has a beautiful caring way of getting to what is really happening.  Deep, lasting changes through her theta healing has facilitated huge shifts easily and gently.  Through this, connections have come to support me in achieving my goals and I am confidently moving forward. I can highly recommend coaching with Karen.  It has been a transformative and joyous experience!

Amanda Pain  Oct 2016


We had the most wonderful morning, a huge thankyou to Karen from Petite Soul Sanctuary.  Neveah says to me on the drive home.  “Mum, I know that I need to be thoughtful to others but today I learnt I have to be thoughtful to myself as well and that I need to love myself even when I make mistakes.  Miss Magic (positive thoughts) will be in my life a lot more.”  Massive light bulb moment for my 6 year old.  Be kind to yourself!

Melita Toon Oct 2016

Hi Karen, just wanted to say thank you for having Jennifer and myself at your tea party, it was a beautiful and positive event and I can see that you will be an inspiration to a lot of people in your new venture.

Stacey Randall Oct 2016

Hello Karen, I just wanted to congratulate you on a marvellous presentation. Everything was done to such a high standard. You’ve taken your deepest wound and used it to empower other mothers and children which is an outstanding achievement.  What an amazing event – a new revolution in Women’s Power!

J.V.  Oct 2016